Sunday, 8 August 2010

Late but welcome growth (exciting to see where it goes!)

In my garden: I'm a little late in posting this! But Eureka! - at last I have managed to grow some runner bean plants. The slugs (or pigeons?) demolished every healthy looking seedling, week after week. But, finally.... the beans have taken off.

In my life: I've started having sessions with a life coach (even coaches need coaching). My coach Rachel is fab. She is creative like me, and the coaching is centred around lovely creative tools (like I use myself!) I have had so many aha's and breakthroughs already and we're only on session 2. I'm really excited about how things are panning out.

Big news: It's important when you tell your Mum "stuff". Stuff that's important to you and that you've committed to. When you tell your Mum about it, you are, Committed. Once you've told your Mum, there's no going back.

Today I told my Mum that writing was my Passion. I said that I've wanted to be A Writer all my life.

I've only just acknowledged this.

It's a Big Thing.

She encouraged me.

I needed that.

I would write anyway, but it was good to get that encouragement from my Mum.

I told her, I had decided to write My First Book. I explained what I thought it would be about. But I know, from reading other authors that best laid plans can evolve and completely change and transform. I'm prepared for this and excited at the prospect. But, I have a starting point.

So it's all pretty exciting at the moment... Thank you Rachel, thank you Mummy, thank you Me!

Post Note: Doesn't the ladybird on the leaf look like a duck?! And can you hear the tune from the ice-cream van playing in the background - a British thing I think?

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