Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Some things are between me, and me!

I said in my last post that when I go regularly to my allotment garden (doing little and often), it is easier to maintain. Then I think to myself "Hey, this is easier than I thought! I just need to come here more often…".

Well, the same could be said for writing and posting to my blogs. "I just need to come here more often"! Little and often, that's the easiest way.

One place I do write regularly is in my personal journal. I've kept a hand-written journal nearly all my life.

I think there is a big difference between a personal journal and a public blog. No matter how much I want to be 'me' in my blog, there are some things (and I'm sure you're the same) that I prefer to keep between me, and me.  You don't have to share all of it.

I feel that keeping a journal has helped me to express myself, and to flow more easily onto the page. 

I've also found that writing a personal journal is great practice if you want to write from your heart and soul. It's a fabulous tool for self-expression and for getting to know yourself, the Real You.

My journal has taken me on an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery, enabling me to deeply know myself, on every level of my being. And there is always more to learn and discover! I'm hoping writing these blogs will do the same.

My allotment garden is a place where I can commune with Mother Nature. I truly believe that my garden has much to teach me, and many messages to reveal to me about my life and my work.

In the next post I'll reveal some of the messages I have 'divined' so far - including (drum roll….) the significance of the snails ...

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