Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nothing grows without time, energy - and LOVE

It is disheartening when something we have lovingly grown from seed, keels over and bites the dust, for seemingly no apparent reason. 

This is the year I was going to really make something of my allotment garden, and yet, this is the year I have felt disappointed.  So many of my crops have failed.

* Was I expecting too much?

* Was the weather to blame?   Too much sun, or too much rain?

* Did I plant the wrong crops?

* Did I put in insufficient time? With irregular or inconsistent checking on progress/pests/watering and feeding?

* Did I plant in enough quantity, or enough variety?

A combination of all of those, I think.

You can grow an abundant garden through trial and error, and by working with your intuition.  But it may take many years to really get the hang of it. 

However, with a good gardening manual, written by an expert, you'll fare much better.  With an experienced gardener to show you exactly what to do, you'll have an abundant garden faster and more easily.

Although you still have to give the plants time to grown and bear fruit.

This is also the year I was going to really make my business work.  But after an ecstatic and energetic start in February, we are now into September and I am very disappointed at my lack of progress.

So I recently invested in a marketing course that speaks to me, created by a seasoned guide who has trodden the path I want to tread.  She uses language that speaks to my soul, to my spiritual nature and offers practical tools that align with who I am.

I am following the course carefully, and slowly, step by step. 

As I follow her guidance, I have high hopes that this course, and my business will grow and bear fruit. 

I just need to keep at it, tending, nurturing and building my business. Regularly monitoring my progress. Creating new areas, and clearing away what hasn't worked - just like I'm doing with my allotment garden.

Growing my business, growing my garden and growing myself.  

By the way, the tomatoes are doing well!

Nothing grows without time, consistent focussed energy - and love.  Lesson learned. 

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