Thursday, 25 October 2012

No more 'settling' - only the BEST 'seeds' for me now!

I found a video created on 6 October 2012, which I can't believe was the last time I visited my allotment garden.  I'm really missing it.

London has been very wet and rainy, for too many days now.  Even when the sun shines, the ground is still sodden (no good for gardening.)

Soooo many times this last fortnight I decided to visit my allotment, and each time the weather changed my mind.  

One day I even got as far as the bus stop! But then the skies opened again and (feeling a bit of a wimp) I sloped back home.  
I'm getting to the stage where I am determined to go.  Rain or shine.  Sleet or snow.  I just need to see it. 

I want to check-in with my garden, even if the soil is too wet to dig, and even if I can't yet plant out my broad beans and oriental lettuces.

The broad beans are just some of the new seeds that arrived recently from  I decided I could not wait for Santa, so I ordered a little pre-Christmas-batch, just 5 packets.

(Believe me, I could have bought many more). J
..... It's okay Santa, I still have a big list for you.

To make room, I cleared out my old seed boxes, and have decided to give away any seeds that are not organic or Real. 

It's organic seed only for my darling allotment garden, from now on.

Because of the endless sorry-no-gardening-today rain, I've satisfied my green fingers (or green thumb), with a bit of Indoor Gardening.  

I've planted some herb seeds (basil, rocket, and chives) and am thrilled that they have grown into beautiful little seedlings. 

Plus, this week I'm getting myself back into raw food so I'm sprouting beans and grains (to eat).  The cold weather sent me scurrying back to cooked food, but I'm missing the fresh raw - and it just feels right for me lately.

So here's the video -  I've enjoyed watching it ... and seeing the sunshine again, and re-connecting with my little garden, albeit from afar.

I imagine when I eventually get there (hopefully this weekend) it will all look very different. 


It occurs to me that I am also clearing out old seeds from my life.  
Things I thought I wanted, that I have decided I do not want after all.

I have been very honest with myself, and decided that no longer will I settle for anything other that what I really want.

I am planting new seeds - in the form of ideas for new projects, and new ways of working.  And I feel very excited about the seedlings that are already beginning to emerge.  Strong and vibrant, and grown with love.

It's funny... even though everything is dying down at the allotment, it still looks so beautiful to me.  The Autumn colours and dying-leaf patterns are amazing.

I feel excited about all the new organic Real Seeds I have in my seed box. Ready to plant, when the weather, time, and environment is 'right'.

I know the organic Real Seeds I have are good ones, and I'm confident that the resulting plants will reap me an abundant and beautiful harvest.

So let's see how my garden and my life mirror that confidence. Can't wait!


  1. Awesome Claire, You reminded me that the bamboo in my downstairs bathroom needs some tender loving care. Hugs Jilly from ccor

    1. Just found your comment Jilly! So lovely to 'see a friendly face' here! Big hug back to you :-)